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Lawmaker Wants More Financial Disclosure from Local Officials

February 10th, 2022 by Mike Vasilinda

Most city or municipal officials, including mayors and city managers file a limited financial disclosure that only lists broad categories, but now they may soon be required to provide full financial disclosure, which includes a complete list of your assess and liabilities. Critics on a Senate committee questioned the need, but Sponsor Jason Brodeur (Bro Deer) told the committee when people can decide million dollar purchases, they need to disclose.

“We now preserved the ability for somebody, if they don’t want to disclose some of this stuff, just file your tax return, so that’s been preserved as well.  Others have options to file married but separate, and if you want to do that. There are also options for folks who are concerned about it to not run for public office. Its an option.This is a privilege and if so you choose to do that, I think the voters deserve your full financial transparency.”

State lawmakers and other constitutional officers, including county commissions already file the more detailed information. The filing would become effective January first if the bill becomes law.

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