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Equality Florida Out in Force Against “Don’t Say Gay”

February 15th, 2022 by Mike Vasilinda

Equality Florida today called on lawmakers to abandon the so called “Don’t Say Gay” bill. It argues the legislation is overly broad and will lead to unintended consequences. 

Todd Delmay, one of the first five plaintiffs in the gay marriage law suit that legalized marriage between same sex partners told of having to have his husband adopt because gay couples were prohibited from adopting. Now he says the legislation will hurt not help kids.

“If this bill had been in force, and one of my sons classmates had said, why does Blake have two dads? The teacher would have been forced to say go home and talk to your parents about that. That isn’;t right. It would have shamed my son, and it would have made all the other students think what’s wrong with Blakes family that we can’t even discuss it at school.”

And Equality Florida says if the Don’t Say Gay Legislation becomes law, it will erase every conversation from the classroom about being gay or transgender.

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