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Gator Day at the Capitol

February 15th, 2022 by Mike Vasilinda

This year will be UF President Ken Fuchs last year as President of the Institution and his last trip to the Capitol for Gator Day as the schools top administrator. He noted for the crowd that Florida is doing a good job of funding higher education and that the University of Florida has a bright future ahead under a new leader.

“Specifically to the University of Florida, I really believe our ambition is not just to compete with public’s outside the state, but also the privates” Fuchs told us. “And we are indeed amongst that group of the best universities, but there’s ways to go in our global reputation and our national reputation and all of that just contributes to the success of the state.”*

Fuchs has agreed to stay on through the Fall 2022 semester and into early 2023 when a new president is named. He will return to teaching electrical and computer engineering.

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