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Abortion Protestors Charged with Trespass

February 17th, 2022 by Mike Vasilinda

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement says twenty five people were issued trespass notices early this morning as the Florida House was about to vote on a bill restricting abortions to fifteen weeks, down from 24, when protestors started shouting from the gallery.

As the protestors were lead from the building, Lauren Brenzel of Planned Parenthood refused to provide identification. She was charged with “giving false name or false identification by person arrested or lawfully detained.”

Her attorney is State Representative Michael Grieco of Miami.

“Obviously, someone was arrested last night as a result of the late night protests during the abortion bill debate. I got the night call , I am a criminal defense attorney by trade. So I we went across the street. We went to court and I can tell you right now, I have never had a faster court hearing in my life. I have never seen a judge make a determination that no probably cause existed in a case as quickly as I saw it this morning” said Grieco.

Brenzel spent the night in jail and was released around noon today on her own recognizance. And while the judge found no probably cause, we have been unable to determine why the case remains active.

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