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Don’t Say Gay Nears Final Approval

March 7th, 2022 by Mike Vasilinda

The Florida Senate will spent time later this afternoon going through amendments and asking questions about the so called Don’t Say Gay” bill. It is now teed up for a final vote tomorrow. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, the bill could be on the Governor’s desk as early as tomorrow over the objections of protestors who were in the Capitol.

Just over a hundred protestors streamed into the Capitol to hold a sit in as the Senate was ready to take up House Bill 1557, Its official title is Parents Rights in Education. Opponents have dubbed it the Don’t Say Gay Bill. 

Gay, gay, my daughters gay” sang a group of female Senators  who marched up and down the Capitol’s fourth floor rotunda.

StateRep. Anna Eskamani called on the crow to hold the Governor’s Press Secretary accountable for tweeting the bill should be called the anti grooming bill.

“She’s telling us that we are groomers for supporting this bill” said Eskamani. “This bill is dangerous to every child in Florida.”

The Governor and Sponsor were also the butt of a Saturday Night Live skit over the weekend.

Kate McKinnon delivered this line after sounding confused about what the bill does ”It just feels like this is going to make kids gay and trans. Sorry. Gay and suicidal.”

Sponsor Dennis Baxley said he hopes to redirect attention from the Dont say gay moniker to what he says the bill does…put parents in charge.

“What we are prohibiting is instructing them in a specific direction versus students can talk about what ever they want to bring up. But sometimes the right answer is that you really ought to talk to your parents about that” says Baxley.

The Senator does tell us he’s surprised by the attention the bill is getting. He calls its mission simple.

“Flordia will be a better place because more and more parents are embracing their responsibility” says the sponsor.

And the Governor’s left no doubt, he’ll sign this legislation.

A final vote is likely Tuesday.

Among the amendments for consideration today are several that failed in committee, including one that would have removed language about sexual orientation and gender identification, and replaced it with the words human sexuality.

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