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State Lawmakers Propose Protections for Women Seeking Abortion

January 22nd, 2019 by Mike Vasilinda

Citing statistics that show threats and violence against women seeking abortions or other services from abortion providers are on the rise, a group of Democratic lawmakers in the state Capitol have filed what they are calling “Access to Clinics” legislation.

The measure would protect women from harassment coming and going to a clinic.

“Reproductive health care providers should not have to fear for their personal safety when they provide care to their patients, and patients should not have to fear to access their clinics and not need to fear violence for decisions that they had to make, that many times taken them a significant amount of effort, significant amount of emotion, significant amount of funding,” said Representative Amy Mercado.

Violating the Clinic Access legislation carries up to one year in jail and up to a$25,000 fine.

The legislation also allows for restraining orders for repeat offenders and allows a civil suit against the offenders.

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