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Tallahassee Culture Wars in Full Bloom

February 22nd, 2022 by Mike Vasilinda

Democrats are accusing Governor Ron DeSantis of pushing a 15 week abortion ban, Don’t say gay, and anti woke legislation to rally his base But as Mike Vasilinda tells us Democratic Gubernatorial hopefuls are trying to use the same bills to win favor in their August primary


From abortion protestors, to standing up for the LGBTQ community, to marching crime victims, a thousand or more people came to the Capitol today. For Democratic Gubernatorial hopefuls Nikki Fried and Charlie Crist, it was as target rich environment.

“So if you are a white male racist bigot, you’re doing just fine this session” claims Agriculture Commissioner Nikki fried.

“They’re not representing Florida. You deserve to have candidates for Governor, that understand what you care about” is how Charlie Crist framed the culture wars to a group of mostly women here protesting the 15 week ban on abortions. 

The target of both candidates wrath is the Governor and his agenda, which they say is driven by an expected run for the White House. 

“He doesn’t talk about Florida anymore” Fried told us in an exclusive interview. “He talks about Washington, DC. He talks about everything else except the issues that are actually impacting the state of Florida”

Charlie Crist also spoke with us, saying “The people of Florida want women to have the right to choose. The people of Florida don’t want gays to be condemned in school, and they are doing that right here.”

And protests or not, the House moved forward discussing its anti woke legislation.

Sponsor Brian Avila (R-Miami) told House members “No individual is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive. Whether consciously or unconsciously, solely be virtue of his or her race or sex.”

Also on the agenda, moving the Don’t say gay bill down the court.

And while the house is pushing forward with this controversial legislation, so far its going virtually nowhere in the session, but there are two and a half weeks left in the session.

And no matter the final fate of these bills, they will remain fodder from now through the August 23rd primary, and likely through the November 8th election.

We reached out to the Governor’s office. Spokesperson Christina Pushaw told us claims Ron deSantis is running for President is nothing more than a narrative Democrats have made up.

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