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  • Rape Kit Testing to get Statewide Policy 1, December1, 2015
    A legislative committee today approved a requirement that all rape kits be submitted for testing within thirty days of the evidence being collected or on the victim or victim advocate asking the kit be tested. State Rep. Janet Adkins cited a Detroit study that tested about a fourth of the cities untested rape kits and […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • FDLE Clears Planned Parenthood of Wrongdoing 1, December1, 2015
    A four month investigation of Planned Parenthood affiliates in Florida has concluded the Women’s Health organization sold no fetal tissue and broke no laws. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, FDLE says it left no stone unturned. The Florida Department of Law enforcement says it’s exhaustive investigation found no evidence Planned Parenthood broke any law prohibiting […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • “Shacking Up” Could Soon Be Legal 1, December1, 2015
    A State Senate Committee has approved legislation ending a civil war policy of making it a crime for two unmarried adults to live together. While enforcement has been rare, the law had the potential for being used to discriminate against parents not paying child support or other reasons. Sponsor Eleanor Sobel says the laws demise […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Rick Scott, Tax Cut Salesman 1, December1, 2015
    After hearing criticism from lawmakers, Governor Rick Scott made a rare appearance before the House Finance and Tax Committee to pitch his billion dollar tax cut this afternoon. He was hit with questions asking why he is allowing homeowners property taxes to rise with increasing values to fund schools instead of reducing corporate tax cuts […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Lawmakers Renew Push For Stiffer Texting Penalties 1, December1, 2015
    Many know the dangers of texting behind the wheel but in Florida, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it if you’re following every other traffic law. As Matt Galka tells us, a new push to crack down on the crime now has some Republicans taking the wheel on the issue. A texting while driving simulator […]
    Matt Galka
  • November Gun Sales Increase 1, November30, 2015
    Florida’s love affair with guns remains strong, with Black Friday sales setting a record for the weekend. Black Friday is seen as the kickoff for what has become a gun buying season and as Mike Vasilinda tells us, 2015 is no exception. The number of people seeking background checks for gun purchases this past weekend […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Missing Sales Tax 1, November30, 2015
    It’s cyber Monday, which means your credit card might need a break by now. As Matt Galka tells us, all of the online transactions could actually be costing the state some money. It’s deal season throughout the country and the state.  James Miller with the Florida Retail Federation says retailers have high hopes for business […]
    Matt Galka
  • Medical Marijuana Licenses Bring Concerns and Joy 1, November24, 2015
    5 growers across Florida are gearing up for the first legal marijuana in the states history. The five licenses were awarded yesterday, and as Mike Vasilinda tells us, it will still be the middle of next year before patients see the first products. Lifelong nurseryman George Hackney was awarded one of five licenses to grow […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • AAA says Be Safe, Not Sorry 1, November24, 2015
    More than two million Floridians are expected to hit the roads over the Thanksgiving weekend. According to Triple A motor clubs, It is the busiest holiday travel weekend since 2008, and the auto club says the traffic is going be bad, there’s nothing you can do about it, so relax. “You can expect very buy […]
    Mike Vasilinda
  • Rick Scott Proposes 79.3 Billion State Budget with Potentially Higher Property Taxes 1, November23, 2015
    Governor Rick Scott is proposing a record state spending plan that cuts taxes by a billion dollars and boosts education spending. But as Mike Vasilinda tells us, the increase in school spending is coming from local property taxes, not state coffers. Governor Rick Scott chose a Jacksonville small company as the back drop for his […]
    Mike Vasilinda

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Turtle Relocation Preparations Under Way

July 2nd, 2010 by Anna Laura Rehwinkel

Crews have spent the lat several days in a Panhandle warehouse, making preparations for the unprecedented move of as many as 70 thousand sea turtle eggs threatened by oil. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, biologists believe the move will give the turtles the best chance of survival.

Some sea turtle nests will begin being moved as early as next week, once they reach their 50th day.

In this Fish and Wildlife Service warehouse in Panama City, a crew from the Sea Turtle Conservancy is washing and drilling holes in styrofoam coolers that will be used to move the eggs.

And because theyre eggs, reptile eggs, they do need air to survive, Sea Turtle Conservancy marine biologist Dan Evans said. And thats why nests in the wild that are flooded multiple times dont survive

The intruding oil promises almost certain destruction to an entire generation of turtles if they are allowed to hatch and swim into the oil.

Theyre essentially seeking the same currents that are catching all the oil, Gary Appleson with the Sea Turtle Conservancy said. So theyre going to be immediately interacting with oil.

Specially designed pallets will be loaded with the coolers.

Then transported 450 miles to Cape Canaveral.

While they are transporting the coolers, biologists also have to worry about controlling temperature and humidity.

Moving the nests comes with plenty of risk…but the risk outweighs any other options says the Fish and Wildlife Service.

It has never been done before, Lorna Patrick with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said. This is an extraordinary circumstance so we think that extraordinary measures are needed.

Even under normal conditions few hatchlings survive predators and the elements, now they will also have to survive being moved.

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