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Democrats Pull Ahead After GOP Gaffe on Birth Control

April 2nd, 2012 by Mike Vasilinda

New polling shows President Obama leading Mitt Romney in Florida and nationwide by 9 points. And US Senator Bill Nelson leads his likely GOP rival by 8 points. Women are the key to the swing, but as Mike Vasilinda reminds us, the election is still months away.

Barack Obama carried the woman’s vote by eight points in 2008. This year he has pulled to a startling 16 point lead among likely women voters. Most believe it’s because of the contraception issue and the perception that the GOP is anti-woman. Political Scientist Carole Weisert says it’s going to be difficult for the GOP to regain it’s footing among women.

The contraceptive argument was a little far and a little strident,” Weisert said.

The Quinnipiac poll shows that women in Florida also heavily favor Democrat Bill Nelson, but FSU Young Republican Signe Thompson says her sorority is a mixed bag.

Well, I’m going to vote for a true conservative,” Thompson said.

The election is still seven months away

Florida Republicans say not to worry, the debate will change once they have a nominee.

Some of our candidates have been pushing the issues, but I believe overall what the American people are really going to be focused on is the economy and the jobs and that’s going to be what’s at the core of our campaign,” Kristen McDonald, with the Republican Party of Florida, said.

But Florida Democrats believe they have found a winning issue. They say they will keep pushing it.

You know, these polarizing social issues are going to carry over into the general election, and we’ll be there to remind voters,” Brannon Jordan, with the Florida Democratic Party, said.

Surprisingly, abortion was not the central issue it usually is during the just concluded legislative session. 2012 marks the first year in several that no abortion related legislation has passed.

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