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Florida’s Nuclear Future Being Questioned

August 13th, 2012 by Mike Vasilinda

The fate of the disabled Crystal River Three Nuclear Plant is dependent on a complex set of facts not yet known according to the CEO of the plants new owner. Jim rogers, CEO of Duke energy, spent two hours in from of state regulators today, but he was unable to tell them whether the plant would be repaired, scrapped or who would foot the billion dollar bill.

The Crystal River three nuclear plant has been shut down since 2009, when its previous owners botched a multimillion dollar repair. Whether it ever runs again was the key subject on regulators minds as they grilled Jim Rogers, the CEO of the plants new owner, Duke energy, who told them the answer depends on a complicated equation.

“And the right answer is the one that leads to the lowest cost impact on consumers, on a risk adjusted basis” says Rogers.

There will be no decision on what to do with Crystal river three until an independent study is ready, and thats s couple months away.

The company is seeking the largest claim ever from it’s insurance company, up to one point three billion dollars. Anything the insurer doesn’t pay, CEO Rogers says rate payers will be asked to pick up “There’s no single factor such as the insurance that will make a difference. Its a combination of factors.”

The company has already collected over 665 million from ratepayers to build two new nuclear plants, but no decision on whether they will actually be built will be made until 2014 at the earliest. The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is suing to get the money returned. teh Alliance’s Susan Glickman argues the state doesn’t need more nuclear.

“Energy efficiency can be returned for two or three or four cents a kilowatt hour. And nuclear power plants are fifteen to 20 cents per kilowatt hour” says Glickman.

A decision by the company on Crystal River’s future is expected before the end of the year. But what ever it is, its expected to have repercussions on every other nuclear plant in Florida.

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