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Calls for Bailey Gate Investigation Renewed

February 18th, 2015 by Mike Vasilinda

There are new calls tonight for an independent investigation into the firing of the Department of Law Enforcement’s long time leader. Gerald Bailey was ousted December 16th. Many believe the firing was illegal.

Ten thousand online petitions are demanding an independent investigation into the firing of former Dept of Law Enforcement Director Gerald Bailey. The petitions were delivered to the US Attorney In Tallahassee and  to the State Attorney in the Capitol City.

”I’m delivering these petitions on behalf of more than ten thousand concerned citizens” said Damien Filer of Progress Florida as he handed the petitions to the recptionist in the State Attorney’s office.

The names were gathered over a two week period. Gerald Bailey was forced from office December 16th. A lawsuit by media outlets argues Governor Rick Scott and Cabinet members violated the open meeting law using staff as a conduit for illegal conversations. Earlier this month Rick Scott took partial responsibility. “It’s clear in hindsight I could have handled it better” Scott said at the beginning of the February 5th Cabinet meeting.

Petition organizer Damien Filer says one of two things happened. “Either Rick Scott got approval from his fellow Cabinet members to fire Commissioner Bailey, or he fired Bailey unilaterally. The former is a violation of Florida Sunshine Laws, the latter is a violation of our state Constitution, which requires at least one other Cabinet member to approve the firing.”

Attorney General Pam Bondi contents she did nothing wrong but says her hands are tied. Q:”Why no allow for an investigation or call for one yourself if you’ve got nothing to hide?”

“Well, I can not appoint a special prosecutor. That can only come from the Governor’s office.”

The State Attorney has said repeatedly that he won’t investigate the matter based on media reports. Progress Florida hopes this changes that.

State Senator Arthenia Joyner is asking the Senate President to order hearings and subpoena witnesses. So far her calls have been ignored. Joyner points to Oregon where Democrats ousted a Democratic Governor but says Republicans in Florida are circling the wagons.

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