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Election Day Almost Gaff Free

November 8th, 2016 by Mike Vasilinda

More than 50 percent of the states registered voters already cast a ballot before polls opened this morning. And most opened without incident.

Before precinct doors opened Tuesday morning, more than 6.51 million had already cast early or mail ballots.

Good morning. It’s open. Good morning” was the message to waiting voters at precisely 7am.

That means just over 50 percent had voted before election day. Contrast that with 1992, when just 5.3 million people voted overall in the Presidential election.

election-day00000004Lorea Arambarri waited until election day,

“It’s a really motivating election this time around” she explains.

There are 5, 836 polling places in Florida, and when they opened  this morning, only one reported a problem.

A vote counting machine in Jacksonville was the only anomaly reported . It was plugged into a dead outlet and was quickly brought on line.

“Do you have your drivers license handy? She’ll take care of you” said one poll worker to entering voters.

This precinct saw a steady stream of voters. Many, including Bob Russel and Barbara Sapuppo made a conscious decision to wait until election day to vote.

“Oh, it’s Tuesday. You got to vote on Tuesday. It’s like having Christmas early. Do you have Christmas on the 23rd or 24th?” joked Russel.election-day00000009 election-day00000010

“A lot of people are working and everything, but we’re not so we have all the time in the world to vote” said Sapuppo.

Keeley Day was perhaps the most enthusiastic voter we met…she gave a double thumbs up on her way out.

“It’s a good day for women” she explained. “The first Woman President is running. It’s a pretty big accomplishment for women everywhere.”

But that remains the big question of the day.

As of noon, a quarter million mail in ballots were yet to be returned. And when the first results are announced at 8 tonight, they are expected to include all 6.5 million of the early and mail in ballots, perhaps shining a light on how the night will turn out.


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