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Two Dozen Proposed Gun Bills Filed for 2018 Session

October 2nd, 2017 by Jake Stofan
Governor Rick Scott has ordered the flags of all state and local buildings be flown at half mast until sun down Friday in respect to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.
Nearly two dozen gun bills have been filed for the 2018 session, but anti-gun activists hope the massacre in Las Vegas may serve as a wake up call.
Meeting in the state Capitol, The Constitution Revision Commission began its meeting Monday with a moment of silence for the victims in Las Vegas.
Patricia Roberson supports Moms Demand Action against gun violence.
“At this point it’s like what does it take? I mean what does it take for people to realize something needs to be done,” said Patricia Roberson, a member of Moms Demand Action.
So far, about two dozen gun bills have been introduced for the 2018 session.
Most expand gun rights and include the right for lawyers to store a gun at the courthouse, make it easier to pay for background checks, or harder to charge someone who inadvertently shows their concealed weapon.
Of the nearly two dozen guns bills  filed for the 2018 session only three explicitly seek to tighten restrictions.
Large scale magazines like the ones used in Las Vegas  would be banned and penalties for using an assault weapon would be enhanced.
Another requires trigger locks all the time, even when the gun is being carried, and a third would require local police to be notified when someone is turned down for a gun purchase.
Rep. Chris Sprowls, the chairman of a House Judiciary Committee, which has a life or death say in new gun legislation, says it is too early to speculate which way lawmakers will go.
“I think the focus today is really just grieving for the victims and their families and really thanking law enfocement for all that they did in Las Vegas,” said Sprowls.
The League of Women voters thinks anti gun legislation is long overdue.
“If we do just common sense measures I think we would all feel a little bit more positive about the direction we’re going in,” said the League’s Lobbyist, Marty Monroe.
We reached out to the NRA, but they declined to comment for this story.
To make a donation to the victims of the shooting in Las Vegas you can contribute to this GoFundMe set up by the city to go towards the medical bills of the victims

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