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Criminologists Predict Florida Gun Laws Won’t Likely Be Affected by Las Vegas Massacre

October 3rd, 2017 by Jake Stofan
The Las Vegas mass shooting is sparking new calls for gun control, but Criminology experts predict the Las Vegas tragedy won’t have a major impact on gun control in the sunshine state.
Nearly two dozen proposals to change Floridas gun laws were filed before the Las Vegas tragedy, which is sure to play a role in the debates over proposals on both sides of the isle.
Professor Emeritus of Criminology at Florida State University, Gary Kleck says these conversations are sparked after every mass shooting, to a predictable outcome.
“There’s intensified support for gun control, which passes after a few weeks or on rarer occasions it results in unproductive kinds of gun control measures,” said Kleck.
After the Pulse Nightclub shooting last year, State Senator Linda Stewart proposed Legislation to ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips, but the proposal fell on deaf ears.
No committee heard the legislation.
Now she is trying again.
“We can’t determine what somebody’s going to do in advance of when they do it, but having these particular weapons that we see used time and time again is not going to help things at all,” said Sen. Stewart.
Two other gun control bills filed for the 2018 session include mandatory trigger locks and notifying police when a person is denied purchasing a gun.
Instead of focusing on mass killings, criminologists say the real issue is addressing the more common gun violence in the U.S.
“That kind of mass shooting accounts for a fraction of 1% of all the gun murders in the country,” said Kleck.
For starters, Kleck suggests universal background checks, part of which should include access to mental health records.
“Certainly a lot of the people who engage in this sort of mass murder are mentally ill,” said Kleck.
A bill filed late Tuesday afternoon would require background check for those looking to obtain a concealed carry permit, it too was filed last year.

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