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Safe Schools a “Model for the Nation”

March 9th, 2018 by Mike Vasilinda

Governor Rick Scott has signed legislation to Harden Florida Schools just 23 days after 17 were killed by an active shooter in a South Florida high school. As Mike Vasilinda tells us, Scott and the families say this legislation is a beginning.

Governor Rick Scott said he never considered vetoing the legislation, although he had voiced concerns about arming teachers.

“I called on the legislature to give me a bill that would make our schools far safer, with a much greater law enforcement presence, and hardening our school buildings. This bill does that. I called on the legislature to give me a bill with more finding for mental health services. This bill does that” Scott said with families at his side,

Afterwards, family members Tony Montalto, who lost his fourteen year old daughter Gina, and Andrew Pollack, who lost 18year old daughter Meadow read statements, but did not take questions

“We have paid a terrible price for this progress. We call on more states to follow Florida’s lead, and pass meaningful legislation to make all schools safer. This time must be different” said Montalto.

“How could we be happy?” Asked Pollack.  He buried his sister and I buried my daughter. To me this is a start for us.”

The bill imposes a three day wait on all gun purchases, not just handguns. It also  raises the age for buying a rifle to 21. The NRA opposed the new restrictions. State Rep. Jared Moskowitz, who attended marjorie Stoneman Douglas High, says this legislation reverses a gun friendly trend.

“I think we are on the retreat now, of what has been a march of allowing more guns and more guns and more access in the state of Florida. That has not only stopped, it is in retreat.”

The bill also provides more than 100 million to make mental heath services available at every school.

Shortly after the bill was signed, the NRA filed suit, arguing the law discriminates against adults by prohibiting 18, 19, and 20 year olds from buying firearms.

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