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Old Capitol Glowing Purple Ahead of CRC Vote on Marsy’s Law

April 10th, 2018 by Jake Stofan
The Old Capitol is illuminated purple, honoring Crime Victims Rights week.
It comes as a proposed constitutional amendment known as Marsy’s law faces one last vote in the state’s Constitution Revision Commission. It would expand victims rights in the state constitution.
“To provide victims with an opportunity to be heard during the criminal justice process, to be notified of key events like sentencing, parole, bail hearings. Things of that nature,” said amendment sponsor Commissioner Tim Cerio.
Many of the protections are already outlined in the state constitution and detailed in statute, but Pat Tuthill, who’s daughter, Payton, was murdered in 1999 says enforcement is lacking.
“In some cases they’re informed they have rights, but they don’t receive the proper notification and they don’t understand those rights or they have little say in a courtroom,” said Tuthill.
Defense Attorneys worry Marsy’s law would put more pressure on the court system than it’s able to handle.”
“People will have to make a decision whether they want all of this detail when there already is a very strong law in place,” said Nancy Daniels with the Florida Public Defenders Association.
But Tuthill says including those details in the constitution would guarantee the rights of victims and enhance enforcement.
“To know that we can be ensured that they’re not going to be violated and if they are violated that there is some recourse,” said Tuthill.
If approved for the ballot it would need 60% of voter approval in November to become part of the constitution.
If approved, Florida would become the 7th state to adopt Marsy’s Law. A recent poll shows 79% of Florida voters support the measure.

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