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Tallahassee Prepares for Hurricane Michael

October 8th, 2018 by Jake Stofan
The number of counties under a state of emergency has grown to 35.
Emergency preparations are underway across the Florida Panhandle as now hurricane Michael barrels towards North Florida.
Less than 24 hours after Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency in 26 Florida counties, residents of the state’s capital were already filling sand bags.
“In July when I was out of state my garage flooded for the first time, the house is 26 years old,” said Tallahassee resident Gwen Spivey.
Mayor Andrew Gillum urged residents to flee if they’re not prepared to deal with expected power outages.
In 201 Hurricane Hermine, a category one storm knocked out power for a week or more in the city.
“If you are electricity dependent, we would encourage you to make some decisions around, where you want to ride out this storm,” said Gillum.
Lines at gas stations remained long throughout the day as many residents seemed to agree that getting out of town might be the best move.
“Probably the safest place for me is Jacksonville. Not Mobile because it might even go that way,” said Tallahassee resident Searcey Bush.
Schools are closed through at least Thursday.
FSU and FAMU announced they will be canceling classes for the rest of the week, meaning many students will likely be taking to the roads to escape the storms path.
“I think all of my friends are either trying to go home or go north,” said FSU student Mackenzie Brennan.
“I’m thinking about either going to Atlanta or Jacksonville. I’m not sure which one yet,” said another student, Justin Lindholm.
For residents in nursing homes, the Florida Healthcare Association says the tragic deaths following Irma won’t be repeated.
“Every single nursing home in the state of Florida has a plan in place,” said FHA Executive Director, J. Emmett Reed.
Reed says nursing home residents or families of residents can keep updated on storm plans by going to their facility’s website.
Michael would be the third storm to hit the Capital in three years… following a 30 year hurricane free run.

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