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Ted Bundy Movie Becomes Available Later this Year.

February 18th, 2019 by Mike Vasilinda

Serial Killer Ted Bundy was executed 30 years ago this past January, but his story continues to fascinate people of all ages.

He’s the subject of at least three new documentaries and now a new movie staring Zach Efron.

Thousands flocked to Park City Utah for this years Sundance Film Festival.

120-plus movies were screened.

The Hollywood Reporter named the new Ted Bundy movie, as one of the top ten movies to see.

Hundreds showed up for an 8:30 Sunday morning premier.

The title comes from the reading of Bundy’s death sentence.

“You are extremely wicked, shockingly evil, and vile,” Judge Edward Coward said in July of 1979.

The movie is surprisingly violence free.

This scene from the trailer shows Zach Efron, who plays Bundy dead on most of the time, lifting a crow bar, but we never see the woman being hit.

Director Joe Berlinger has been taking some heat from glorifying Bundy.

“This movie is not a catalog of his killings,” said Berlinger. “In fact there is very little violence in the movie. It’s about deception and betrayal, and I think people need to understand how one becomes a victim to a serial killer who is using charm to lure you to his crimes.”

Some liberties were taken in the film like in the scene where the infamous picture of Ted Bundy when his murder indictment was read was taken.

In the movie it shows a media circus watching the whole process, but in reality, there were just a few people in the room.

Instead of violence, the movie is told from the perspective of Liz Kloepfer, Bundy’s girlfriend of six years.

“You know, as a father of daughters, I want to send out that message to people that, you know, before you deeply trust somebody, they better earn your trust,” said Berlinger.

The movie has a surprise ending in which Bundy makes a dramatic confession to his once girlfriend, but revealing any more would be a spoiler.

The movie becomes available for streaming later this year.

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