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Pro-Choice Advocates Worried by Looming Parental Consent Bill

February 20th, 2019 by Mike Vasilinda

Planned parenthood says it expects lawmakers to introduce legislation requiring minors to have parental consent for an abortion.

Right now, only parental notification is required.

The group says lawmakers want to test whether or not a new Supreme Court would approve the requirement.

Kimberly Scott with Planned Parenthood says seven out of ten teens would go to their parents, but she says there are strong reasons why the other three can’t.

“Unfortunately for those three, there is a very, very particular reason,” said Scott. “Whether it is a sexual assault, whether it is incense, reasons why they do not approach their parents in this situation. So, and as a minor , you are already limited with resources, right. You don’t have transportation.lack of financial support.”

Courts have previously ruled the state’s encompassing privacy amendment protects minors’ right to seek abortions.

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