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AG Says Recreational Marijuana Amendment is Too Long

September 12th, 2019 by Jake Stofan

One of the three ballot initiatives hoping to legalize recreational marijuana in Florida has made a formidable opponent… Florida’s Attorney General.

AG Ashley Moody is looking to block the ballot initiative sponsored by Sensible Florida and has asked the Supreme Court to strike down the initiative, in part, because of its length.

The initiative would legalize recreational marijuana for adults 21 and over.

Sensible Florida Chairperson Michael Minardi said most of the amendment language establishes a regulatory framework for the industry.

“It is for the people of Florida and giving the plant back to the people of Florida . It is for the businesses of Florida,” said Minardi.

But Moody argues voters can’t fully understand everything it does based off of the required 75-word ballot summary.

She posted a photo on Twitter of the ten-page amendment hanging from the ceiling and spilling onto the floor, with the caption, “Longer than Article I of our State Constitution”.

We put the AG’s photo to the test, formatting both Article I and the proposed amendment exactly the same.

Both are about six pages, with the amendment about a fourth of a page longer and containing nearly 300 more words.

Of two other recreational marijuana amendments, the first is two pages long and the second is just one paragraph.

But Minardi said the level of detail in the Sensible Florida amendment is actually its strength.

“To make sure that we have the people that want to be involved and cultivate for home use are able to do so and the businesses that want to get involved are able to do so and it’s done and set out clearly in that amendment. So our Legislature cannot thwart the amendment of the voters’ will again,” said Minardi.

The ballot initiative has gathered just shy of 90,000 valid signatures.

Minardi said Sensible Florida is ready to take on the Attorney General when the amendment goes before the Supreme Court.

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