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Advocates Push for Gender to Be Added as a Hate Crime Class

October 12th, 2021 by Mike Vasilinda

The father of a young woman killed by a woman-hating man in a Tallahassee yoga studio three years ago is unhappy his daughter’s death is not subject to a hate crime enhancement.

Mara Binkley and Nancy VanVessen died November 2, 2018.

Four others were wounded.

The killer was a known INCEL, someone who blames their inability to have sex on women rejecting them.

Legislation to make gender a status class has been filed, but has not gotten traction in the past.

Father Jeff Binkley said the lack of action is disrespectful.

β€œIt is profoundly disrespectful to Mara, to our family, and to her legacy. It is also profoundly disrespectful to the legacy and family of Dr. Nancy VanVessen, who also lost her life, as it is to the other victims. Four other women were shot, their lives changed forever,” said Binkley.

Legislation filed this year would add gender to the list of eligible hate crimes.

It also would include transgender individuals.

Conviction with a hate crime elevates penalties to the next most severe sanction.

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